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Starchilds: first draft

Somewhere out there in the vast nothingness of space,
Somewhere far away in space and time,
Staring upward at the gleaming stars in the obsidian sky,
We’re marooned on a small island, in an endless sea
Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape,
But tonight, on this small planet, on earth
We’re going to rock civilization…
– Lyrics from “Prelude/Slam”, Pendulum

Starchilds is a scifi game about teenagers. The main idea came to me while looking at the stars and wondering whether I would gaze at them at the same way if I were living among them.


It’s a pbta, so we have attributes!

The basic moves are grouped by Mood. Every player will start with a Mood, and the Mood will probably change multiple times during the game.

The Moods are:

If you currently have a Mood, you gain experience points when you use moves in that Mood group. Moreover, there are other benefits:

Sometimes a move will tell you that you are Hurt. Hurt is not a Mood, so you can be Blue AND Hurt at the same time.

When you are Hurt you can’t reach the full success of your rolls. If you would become Hurt when you already are Hurt, you become Broken.

When you are Broken you can’t use moves at all. You can still play though.

To Heal from Broken to Hurt, or from Hurt to Ok, wait until time passes, or be healed by another character.

Blue moves


When you gaze at the stars voice your doubts and questions to the distant skies, choose another player and roll +Void. On a 10+ they are Blue and they have to answer one of your questions On a 7-9, they may lie about it. On a miss, the MC will answer

Razor tongue

When you say something to hurt someone, roll +Mass On a 10+, they are Hurt On a 7-9, they choose if they are Hurt or Sick. If they already are Sick, they can’t choose this option.

Hot moves

Make a move

When you make a move on someone, roll +Light On a 10+ they choose:

On a 7-9 they can use Razor Tongue as if they rolled a 7-9

Lash out

When you lash out at someone, roll +Mass On a 10+ they choose 2:

On a 7-9 they choose all 3.

Sick moves (lol)

Watch out

When you avoid problems, roll +Void On a success, you are Blue On a 10+ your problems will give you pause (but won’t disappear)

Take care

When you take care of someone, roll +Light On a 7-9 they choose if they are Healed or Blue. On a 10+, if they chose to be Healed, you are Healed too