Fanged Games

Turmoil: The Ghost

The ghost is lonely and spooky. Their moves are about alienating others. Their darkest self is about craving and obtaining attention.


Add 1 to one of these: Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile -1, Dark 1


You get:

Trauma: When someone or something reminds you of your death, roll +dark. On a 10+ choose 1. On a 7-9 choose 2.

Then choose 2:

Vengeful: When you lash out to get revenge, roll +dark instead of +volatile. They can’t choose that they aren’t scared.

Hungry ghost: When someone dump their emotional problems on you, roll +dark. On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9 choose 1.

Dissipate: When you successfully flee by going through walls, gain a Cold String over whom you were running from.

Dead people can’t keep secrets: You can spend a Cold string on someone to ask them to reveal a secret of them. If you use it to Shut them Down, you add+1 to your roll.

Special move

When you secretly witness someone in their most intimate moments, perhaps showering or sleeping, gain a Hot String on them.

Darkest self

While you are in your darkest self, no one can see you, feel you, or hear you. You can still move small inanimate objects. When someone acknowledge your presence, they choose if they are Uneasy or Afraid. You escape your darkest self when someone gives you the attention you deserve.