Fanged Games

Turmoil: The Ghoul

The ghoul is a monster that feels the urge to feed constantly of flesh, fear or chaos. Their moves are about morbidity and death. Their darkest self is about fighting the temptations.


Add 1 to one of these: Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile 1, Dark -1


Choose 2:

The hunger: You have an hunger for (choose 1): flesh, chaos, power, fear. When you are rolling to pursue an hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a feeding opportunity, you are uneasy.

Disaffected: When someone gives you a hot string, you can convert it into a cold string. You can’t do it later, you have to choose in that moment.

Short Rest for the Wicked: When you die, wait it out. Some hours later, you wake up fully healed, in your darkest self.

Watchful Golem: When you defend someone without them ever knowing about it, mark experience.

Ending: When someone listen when you talk about your death, roll +Cold. On a success they choose if they are Scared or Turned on. On a 10+ you gain a Cold string over them.

Special move

When someone lashes out at you, you can decide to be Turned On instead of Scared.

Darkest self

While you are in your darkest self, whenever you ignore a feeding opportunity, your victim takes a Cold string on you. You escape your darkest self when you feed.